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The place where anybody can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. The teaching and learning materials are meant to be used to both by the students on their own and with their teacher to explore the world of mathematics, to discover, to learn and to develop an interest in mathematics. The activities create interest among students or in anybody who wants to explore and test some of their ideas, beliefs about mathematics.

Activities or materials includes:-

Charts: Charts for basic operations, Multiplication Table, Angle, Properties, Mathematicians, Triangles, Properties, Measurements, Mensuration, Place value Etc, .

Models (Stills)

Number Patterns, Addition, Subtraction, Increasing, Decreasing, Volumes, Areas, Clocks, Shapes, Geo board Etc,

Models (Working)

  Area & Perimeter of Rectangle and Square, Angle sum Properties of triangles, Exterior Angle Property, Sum of exterior angles of a quadrilateral, Area of Circle, Circumference of Circle, Number of Rotations, Number of Tiles required etc.



Mathematical Instruments