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Science Club

The Science Club is the place for students who are interested in science to learn about all scopes of science from medicine to chemistry to physics to the environment. In our school also we have a science club to improve the talents of our students. We are conducting different programmes under science club.

The Important Activities we conducted:-

Moon Day

Quiz Competition
>Science Day
Science Expo
Chart Making
Quiz Competition

Social Science Club

  It is a must in all Schools since it is a Students Club. It is aims at making children capable of becoming responsible, productive and useful members of the society. In fact the Social Club activities focus on Patriotism, discipline, understanding historical culture etc,. They can promote the values like social harmony, brotherhood and humanity.


 Conducted a Rally (Road show) on Hiroshima and Nagasaki day.
 Quiz Programme conducted related to Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day
 School Parliament Election
 Debate about GST
 Independence Day:-Speech, Quiz and Map Locating Competition
 Observation of Republic Day
 Observation of Marty’s Day
 Observation of Lunar Eclipse Video show
 Observed Anti Child Labour Day on July 12.
 Women’s Day – Hair Donation for cancer patients.
 Collection for Palliative care unit.
 Dress Collection for the Poor People.
 11 students participated E Ahammed Model United Nations Conference held at JDT Islam. The delegates represented different countries and spoke on issues concerned.

Maths Club

  Maths club is a bunch of people getting together to play with Math. The Math Club functions as fun based activity for the primary classes basically to get rid of their fear for the subject in their formative years. It helps the middle school children to enjoy, appreciate and acquire basic knowledge of the subject by organizing competitive group activities.


 Cass wise Multiplication Table Competition
School level Multiplication table competition for I-VIII STD Students under different Categories.
 Maths Quiz
 Maths Workshop
 Chart Making
 Math Sports