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Physical Fitness, Games and Athletics

Sports and games at school encompass more than just the benefit of physical pleasures. Self-esteem and mental alertness of each child instigates active participation in sports and games by which numerous physical advantages such as maintenance of adequate weight, prevention of chronic diseases and the like are acquired. NEST has arranged systematic coaching facilities in games - Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Athletics etc. Girl athletes have also been given prime consideration. We will have in future, professionals in the area of sports and games.

Fighting Sports

Giving practice for Martial Arts has always been recognized, and appreciated in the area of co-curricular activities. Here the total integration of body and mind takes place. NEST has provided facilities in martial arts for higher secondary school students.

Digitalised Class Room

Technology has become an integral part of the teaching-learning activities. The lessons taught in classrooms thus spring out of text books and 'come alive' before students most interestingly through Digital Touch Boards. All the class-rooms have this facility.

Mode Of Delivery

Regular Classes, Seminars, debates, Self reading, Competitions