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Higher Secondary Course (Scole,Kerala)

  • 1.  Science + Entrance Orientation Programme Type: Open Regular

    • English, Arabic, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology (Suitable For both Engineering and Medical)

    • English, Arabic, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science (Suitable for Engineering)

Partner of Entrance Orientation Programme.

ARC FOUNDATION, CALICUT is the official academic partner of entrance orientation Programme. The entrance classes will be handled by the official faculties of ARC foundation.

 www.gatecoachingarc.com |  Email: arcgatecoaching@gmail.com

NB:   Entrance orientation programme is seemed to be compulsory for all science students to ensure highest result in public examinations.

  • 2.  Commerce Type: Open Private

    • English, Arabic, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics & Political science

  • 3.  Humanities. Type: Open Private

    • English, Arabic, History, Sociology, Economics & Political Science